All About Viruses and Bacteria

How does the CDC and the Health Department Protect against Sicknesses

Getting Vaccinated
   You may know how to prevent sickness, but how does the health department prevent sickness? What does the government do? Let’s take a look at different ways the government prevents sickness.

   - There are parts of the government that are there to prevent sicknesses form quickly spreading. The CDC and the health department do a lot of work to prevent people from getting sick.

   - Billboards, commercials, fliers, and poster are every where. They show how important it is to wash your hands, get flu shots, and stay home when you are sick.

   - During a flu pandemic many public places will hand out masks to help stop the spread of coughing sneezing and breathing in others germs.

   - Developing vaccines is important to keep people healthy. Scientist work to create a new flu vaccine every year to try and prevent you from getting sick.

   - Research money is put into developing new treatments and vaccines to help treat everyday to rare illnesses.

   - Quarantining sick people may not sound like the greatest way to prevent sickness, but the government does this to stop it from spreading.

   - Educating people about the flu to help them stop the spread. Through the news and the radio information about the flu is everywhere.

   - The CDC has a website for the flu. It was designed for everyday people in mind with everything you will every need to know to prevent the flu.

   - The government has developed anti viral medication. If taken at the first signs of the flu they will make it less serious and last less time.

   - Doctors are prepared to deal with a pandemic if the needs arise. The government will inform the public and doctors of a pandemic.