All About Viruses and Bacteria
   Hey, welcome to this website. If you were some how direct this website thanks for coming. This website is all about-

   - Viruses
   - Bacteria
   - Vaccines
   - The Theories of Disease
   - The Flu
   - The Common Cold
   - How to Prevent becoming Sick

I hope that it is helpful and that it contains all the information you need. The learning targets of this website are-

   - I can properly use the side bar to navagate the website.
   - I can locate the need information from within the text.
   - I can identify and explain the different theories of disease.
   - I can explain to someone else what viruses and bacteria are.
   - I can compare and contrast bacteria and viruses.
   - I can I can identify and explain key facts about the common cold and the flu.
   - I can compare and contrast the common cold and the flu.

Thanks for visting the website and I hope you enjoy it. : )